• 2- to 3-year program in the U.S., length of program varies in Europe
  • Progressive, staged training
  • Learn skills critical to being an active member of the team

From pitching the business to sealing the deal, Analysts are highly trained and valued members of every Harris Williams & Co. team. Working closely with Associates through Managing Directors, clients, and prospective buyers, Analysts help:

PITCH THE BUSINESS by working on the development of presentation materials and participating in the pitch itself. Winning the deal is the first step toward the finish.

PREPARE THE COMPANY FOR MARKET by delving into industry dynamics; participating in on-site due diligence; and preparing financial models, comprehensive marketing materials, and buyers’ lists.

MARKET THE DEAL by supporting discussions with strategic buyers and private equity groups, ensuring seamless client communication, and maintaining virtual data rooms for information exchange.

CLOSE THE DEAL by helping to evaluate offers and negotiate deal terms in collaboration with the deal team.

If that sounds like a lot of work, well, it is. But it’s more than that. It’s the incomparable experience of collaborating closely with a team of the brightest and best in the business to gain a well-rounded set of skills that ensure your long-term career success regardless of what you ultimately want to do. And although it’s hard work, being part of an exciting environment and learning from such talented professionals makes it all worthwhile.