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screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.08.56_pm.pngProvider of Workforce Management, Training, and Compliance Solutions for the Healthcare, Financial Services, and Real Estate Industries



screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.09.33_pm.pngProvider of K-12 Data Analytics, Learning Assessments, and Student Information Systems Software




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.10.01_pm.pngProvider of Early Learning Services and Childcare Centers




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.10.30_pm.pngProvider of Wellness Coaching, Professional Certifications, and Software Solutions




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.10.58_pm.png Provider of Performance Training Services and Educational Content for Athletes and Corporations




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.11.36_pm.pngProvider of Career Development, Job Placement, and Learning Management Software for Professional and Trade Associations



screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.12.13_pm.pngProvider of Business Management Software and Payments for K-12 Institutions, Associations, and Non-Profits




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.13.04_pm.pngProvider of Change Management Solutions for Corporations and Governments




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.13.49_pm.pngProvider of Emergency Care Training Solutions for Healthcare Professionals, Employees, and Communities




screen_shot_2019-04-22_at_1.14.25_pm.pngProvider of Post Acute Care Compliance and Learning Management Software and Content


Education Technology & Services Focus Areas

Professional Education / Training

Solutions focused on supporting the continuing education and regulatory and compliance requirements of corporations

  • Continuing Education
  • Degree and Certification Testing
  • Skill Development
  • HR and Talent Management
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Distance Learning

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Key Trends2

Professional Education / Training spend is expected to reach $30B across the globe by 2022

Corporations are investing in professional development as a way to attract and retain employees and optimize workforce productivity

Personalized learning continues to evolve with new methods of delivery, while certifications remain a way for individuals to differentiate in a competitive marketplace

Higher Education

Solutions focused on serving the educational and administrative needs of higher education institutions

  • Student Information Systems
  • CRM and Enrollment Management
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Competency Based Learning
  • Fundraising and Alumni Management
  • Learning Analytics and Assessments

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Key Trends1

Spending on Higher Education Technology in the United States is expected to increase to $17.5B by 2021

Higher Education institutions are broadening usage of mobile technology and software that enables data-driven decision-making                                                        

Retention and enrollment solutions are increasingly being sought out by universities as a means to better attract and retain student populations

K-12 Education

Solutions focused on serving the educational and administrative needs of K-12 schools and districts

  • Student Information Systems
  • Personalized/Adaptive Learning
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Learning Analytics and Assessments
  • Outcomes and Performance Management
  • Tutoring and Advancement

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Key Trends1

K-12 Education Technology spending in the United States is expected to reach $13.3B by 2021

Districts and schools are increasingly leveraging data in order to drive and substantiate educational outcomes in accordance with federal/state mandates

Adoption of digital tools and assessments continue to accelerate as administrators are seeing pronounced impact on student performance and educators’ workflow efficiency

Notable 1Q 2019 Education Technology & Services Transactions4


Instructure’s Acquisition of MasteryConnect | K-12 Education

  • MasteryConnect is a leading provider of a competency-based learning technology platform that tracks student performance and allows teachers to accurately assess core standards and report back to parents and administrators.
  • MasteryConnect’s delivery of ongoing and personalized evaluations provides teachers in over 14,000 school districts with reliable data used to focus on activities that truly increase student learning.
  • The acquisition bolsters Instructure’s capabilities in formative assessments and enables the company to deliver more personalized learning, as the K-12 market continues its shift away from high-stakes, end of year testing.



Advance Publications’ Acquisition of TurnItIn | Higher Education

  • TurnItIn is a leading provider of a suite of cloud-based education solutions used to prevent plagiarism, verify content, and evaluate student learning for K-12 and higher education institutions across the globe.
  • TurnItIn’s solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, and improve outcomes across content areas for over 15,000 institutions with offices in the U.K., Netherlands, Australia, India, and Latin America.
  • Advance’s acquisition further diversifies the media giant, equipping them with a versatile EdTech platform whose technology can be extended into a multitude of disciplines (science, math, etc.).



2U’s Acquisition in Trilogy Education Services | Higher Education

  • Trilogy Education Services is a leading provider of a skills-based training platform with programs in web development, data analytics, visualization, and UI/UX that prepare professionals for high-growth careers in technology.
  • Trilogy Education Services’ platform empowers universities and leading companies in more than 50 cities around the globe to deliver world-class, graduate-level degree programs, professional certificates, and online courses.
  • 2U’s acquisition of Trilogy Education Services is intended to support growth initiatives by expanding 2U’s university portfolio from 36 to 65+ partners, driving marketing efficiencies, and strengthening its product offering.



Investcorp’s Acquisition of Revature | Professional Education

  • Revature is a leading provider of coding immersion programs that are designed to address the growing technology skills gap and help Fortune 500 companies acquire enterprise-ready talent.
  • Revature partners with a growing number of universities across the country with over 30,000 participants enrolling in RevaturePro Online to date.
  • Investcorp’s acquisition of Revature provides the necessary capital and industry expertise to differentiate the Company’s solutions in the increasingly competitive tech-related education market.



Microsoft’s Acquisition of BrightBytes’ DataSense Platform | K-12 Education

  • BrightBytes is a leading provider of technology programs that enhance the learning experience in school classrooms through data-driven assessment tools that track student achievement.
  • BrightBytes’ data management platform, DataSense, collects, integrates, and reports the information of over 1,000,000 students in the U.S. across a range of online education applications and services.
  • Microsoft’s acquisition of DataSense will integrate the functionality of the platform into Microsoft’s Azure cloud business to expand the capabilities of its education vertical.

Investment activity within the broader professional education and Training market is expected to remain robust through 2019 and beyond

Expansive, Multi-Vertical Market

($ billions)

  • The global Professional Education & Training market is expected to reach $23 billion by 2022P, growing at a 7.8% CAGR


Key Market Drivers

  • Proliferation of eLearning across the enterprise
  • Mandatory compliance and continuing education programs giving rise to attractive, repeat business models
  • Availability of quality content continues to be a key pain point for highly regulated markets
  • Companies are navigating increasingly complex regulatory environments with costly penalties for non-compliance
  • Expansion of dynamic personalized learning methods such as gamification and micro-learning

Recent Sector Activity3,4


Professional Education & Training — Landscape

Representative Providers

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Higher education institutions are investing in software to personalize the learning experience and enhance enrollment

Spending Levels Remain Strong

($ billions)

  • The US continues to spend significantly on Higher Education technology, with the market expected to reach $26.4 billion by 2022P


Key Market Drivers

  • Growing acceptance that having a data-driven information management strategy is now a necessity for all institutions
  • Continued shift to digital content, assessments, and learning modalities
  • Rising demand for personalized learning tailored to an individual’s needs
  • IT driving department savings through automated administrative workflows and streamlined recruitment / enrollment
  • Further adoption of mobile technologies and blended learning

Recent Sector Activity3,4

Higher Education Technology – Landscape

Representative Providers

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Technology innovation across K-12 is impacting nearly every aspect of school operations and the student experience

Evolving Market Being Disrupted by Technology

($ billions)

  • The US continues to spend significantly on K-12 education technology, with the market expected to reach $18.9 billion by 2028P


Key Market Drivers

  • Increased emphasis on performance, reporting, and accountability underpinned by new legislation such as ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)
  • Growing interest in data as a means to drive and substantiate student outcomes
  • Greater usage of tools to drive engagement between parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Consolidation of technology purchasing at the district level, with demand for solutions that address student, classroom, and administrator workflows
  • Rising prominence of formative assessments coupled with data analytics that measure student mastery in order to support in-progress development

Recent Sector Activity3,4


K-12 Education Technology – Landscape

Representative Providers

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Public Education Technology & Services Companies3


As of March 31, 2019

Education Technology & Services – Trading Comparables3

Public Comparables

As of March 31, 2019 ($ in millions)


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2. IDC

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4. PitchBook


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