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Harris Williams is pleased to present our packaging industry update for May 2019.  This report provides commentary and analysis on capital market trends and merger and acquisition dynamics within the global packaging industry.  Following an exceptional 2018, the packaging industry has continued to outperform the broader market during the first half of 2019 in terms of both industry growth and deal activity, driven largely by rising levels of consumer spending and e-commerce sales.  In this update we profile two impactful themes within these broader industry drivers:

  • The impact of the consumer experience in the packaging dispenser market – demanding consumer factors such as functionality, ease of use, consistency, and control in packaging dispensers are driving innovation and differentiation among packaging brands.
  • The dramatic growth in online grocery sales – the share of e-commerce orders in the food & beverage market is expected to grow nearly 10x between 2016 and 2025, driving significant change in the packaging industry over this period.

Given these factors, as well as the continued availability of debt and equity capital, deal activity in the packaging industry has remained at elevated levels throughout the first five months of 2019. We hope you find this edition helpful and encourage you to contact us directly if you would like to discuss our perspective on current industry trends or our relevant industry experience.

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Strong Momentum Across the Packaging Industry


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Key Themes

M&A Activity in the Packaging Industry1,2


  • M&A activity in the packaging space remains robust.
    • On an LTM basis as of May 2019, $9.0 billion of deal value has been announced in the North American packaging industry vs. $8.2 billion for the prior year
    • YTD announced deal volume as of May 2019 is slightly down over the same period the prior year (43 deals in 2019 vs. 54 deals in 2018)
    • Four deals over $1 billion have been announced or closed in the last twelve months
  • Packaging industry M&A remains robust globally, with the majority of LTM May 2019 targets located in Western Europe (42%), North America (33%), and the Asia Pacific region (17%).

Customer Convenience Underpins Strong Growth in the Packaging Dispenser Market3


  • The race to improve the consumer product experience has been one of the most prominent trends in the packaging industry over the last decade.
  • In the highly saturated consumer goods markets, brands see opportunities to capture value by utilizing innovative dispensing solutions with improved convenience.
    • Consumers value functionality, ease of use, consistency, and control in their packaging dispensers, and brands will be able to differentiate their products by meeting these consumer needs
  • Such innovation is expected to help grow the global packaging dispenser market from $7.6 billion in 2017 to $9.3 billion in 2023, a 3.5% increase per annum.
    • Developing Asian markets with a growing consumer population and middle class will be responsible for the majority of the growth in packaging dispensing fixtures moving forward

Booming Growth in Online Grocery Sales: What Does This Mean for Packaging?4,5


  • Increased adoption of smart devices and improved interfaces for websites and mobile apps has led to a tremendous growth environment for the online grocery market.
    • By 2025, online grocery sales are expected to account for 20% of total grocery sales, up from approximately 2% in 2016
  • New business partnerships have emerged to meet changing consumer habits and support continued investment and opportunity.
    • Amazon / Whole Foods, Walmart /, Albertson’s / Plated, Target / Shipt, and Aldi / Instacart
  • Food and beverage companies that strategically adapt their packaging to focus on online promotions and home deliveries are best positioned to take advantage of the lucrative market opportunity.

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