In this report, senior members of our Transportation & Logistics Group share key data and M&A insights across the market.

Transportation & Logistics Industry Trends

Transportation and Tech: Driving Innovation
Third-party logistics providers are investing in technology to drive transparency, optimization, and efficiency throughout the supply chain. In Q1, Fitzmark, Transportation Insight, Knight-Swift Transportation, and J.B. Hunt capitalized on this trend by investing in technology-enabled platforms.
Consolidation in the Freight-Forwarding Subsector: Opportunity Ahead
The highly fragmented freight-forwarding market saw continued consolidation in Q1 with the acquisitions of Werner Global Logistics, Apex International, SEKO Worldwide, and ASAP Expediting and Logistics. We continue to see opportunity for investment in this attractive space.
Carriers and COVID-19 Relief: A Critical Role
Carriers play a crucial role in today’s environment as consumers rely on online shopping. Their importance does not stop there: Carriers will be instrumental in a successful worldwide vaccine distribution.

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