Private Equity and IIoT: Finding the Best Fit

Due to meteoric growth, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is attracting strong attention from large corporations and venture capital firms. To date, however, many private equity firms have treaded carefully in the IIoT space due to intimidating valuations, uncertain returns, technical complexity and participation by large strategic acquirers.

This article identifies five segments that provide a good fit for the private equity model, and three principles that can help investors make the most of the potential within those segments.

Practical Innovation: Tapping into Data Center Growth

As the global economy continues to be driven by everything digital, data is proliferating at an unprecedented rate. As data is produced, it must be sent, stored, secured and processed, all of which is leading to substantial growth in data center construction. In fact, global data center construction is expected to generate revenues of approximately $45 billion by 2023.

This report presents our latest insights on where the opportunities are in this growth market for acquirers and investors with industrial expertise.