Managed Services

Where There’s Demand, Investors Follow

The managed services sector—a segment including businesses that offer IT- and cloud-related services on a recurring basis—has seen considerable demand as more and more companies transition to the cloud. This demand is garnering strong interest from investors familiar with the space, as well as new players.

In this podcast, hear from senior bankers in our Business Services Group and Technology Group as they share insights on the topics below.


Topics Covered

  • How do we define the managed services ecosystem?
  • What level of investor interest do we expect to see in the sector going forward?
  • What are key trends in the space, and are they consistent across the globe?
  • In terms of service offerings and trends, how have managed services providers (MSPs) evolved approaches to their customer bases?
  • How has the sector held up through COVID-19?
  • Where do we see the segment going in the next five years?

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