2018 Harris Williams Transportation & Logistics 3PL Conference

The third-party logistics (3PL) market is booming, driven in large part by strong consumer demand and a surge in e-commerce that shows no signs of slowing. Ripple effects up and down the supply chain are enabling 3PLs to not only sell more of their existing offerings, but also to expand into new value-adding services that can help shippers more effectively meet demand.

The current environment is also creating significant opportunities for investors and acquirers looking to take advantage of the market’s growth potential and pick up attractive assets and capabilities, although rising multiples are causing some to become more cautious.

To discuss the current state of the 3PL market, the underlying trends, and some of the opportunities the market presents for buyers, Harris Williams conducted three panel discussions at its recent Transportation & Logistics 3PL Conference. 

Each session included executives from leading 3PLs and private equity firms with investments in the space. Among the key topics discussed during these sessions were:

  • The shift to business-to-consumer and its impact on parcel delivery
  • Intensifying consumer expectations for shipping
  • Emerging technologies impacting the 3PL industry
  • How 3PLs can compete with FedEx and UPS
  • New value-adding services 3PLs could be providing
  • Labor and real estate challenges
  • Pros and cons of a niche versus portfolio approach to value creation
  • Key considerations when looking for acquisition targets, and when integrating them

You can read about panelists’ perspectives on these and other issues in the three white papers below, which summarize the insights and key themes explored in each session:

Parcel:  From Paleo Meals to Peloton Bikes

Contract Logistics 2025: The Future of Value-Added Warehousing in the E-commerce World

Niche Specialization vs. Integrated Solutions: Two Views of Value Creation

Published November 2018