2019 Harris Williams Transportation & Logistics 3PL Conference

The third-party logistics (3PL) segment continues to thrive, supported by strong consumer spending and the ongoing shift to e-commerce across a wide range of product categories. To discuss the current state of the market, its underlying trends and the opportunities these trends are creating for 3PLs and their potential buyers, Harris Williams conducted four panel discussions at its recent Transportation & Logistics 3PL Conference:

20193pl-1_1.jpgState of the Industry: Hot Topics with the New 3PL Majors

What’s the outlook for the economy in 2020, and how will geopolitical dynamics influence it in the coming months? How are Amazon and the emerging “digital freight brokers” affecting 3PLs’ business? What role is technology playing in 3PLs’ business, and how are 3PLs investing? How do venture capital and private equity firms compare as capital allocators?

Moderator: Andy Clarke, 3PL executive
Panelists: Bob Farrell, GlobalTranz; Rob Rose, Worldwide Express; Tom Sanderson, Transplace; and Paul Thompson, Transportation Insight

20193pl-6_0.jpgThe Future 3PL Stars: Where Does Technology Fit?

Technology is making serious inroads across the 3PL landscape, as more companies apply leading-edge tools to help them become more efficient, smarter and responsive. In this panel discussion, 3PL executives discussed the growing role of technology in managed transportation services, how technology is generating competitive advantage and the impact digital freight brokers are having on the broader 3PL market.

Moderator: Evan Armstrong, Armstrong and Associates
Panelists: Andrew Grieve, Bain & Co.; Andrew Leto, Emerge; Drew McElroy, Transfix; and Gabriel Ruz, Magaya

20193pl-7_0.jpgAmazon: Partner, Competitor or Both?

In this session, leading logistics industry executives explored Amazon’s growing influence on parcel shipping, how the company is affecting 3PL providers and regional carriers, and how these companies can remain competitive without trying to beat Amazon at its own game.

Moderator: Satish Jindel, SJ Consulting
Panelists: Sean Burke, Echo Global Logistics; Dick Metzler, Lone Star Overnight; and Mike Willoughby, PFS

Global commerce continues to be in the spotlight, with the ongoing trade tensions between the U.S. and China, the world’s two biggest economies, being a particular focal point. Here, a panel of four international supply chain professionals provide their insights on global trade, U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods, and what can 3PLs do to protect their businesses during uncertain times.

Moderator: Lee Clair, 3PL executive
Panelists: Rich Bolte, BDP International; Gordon Branov, Pilot; Dante Fornari, Magnate Worldwide; and Keith Tholan, AIT Worldwide Logistics