HW Identity: Ryan Budlong

At Harris Williams, our people are the fabric of our firm — committed, tenacious, smart, and principled. Each person’s contributions to the unique culture and environment are critical. Ryan Budlong, a managing director in the Consumer Group, has a long history with the firm and embodies the dynamic nature of our professionals. In our first Q&A, a new series for Harris Williams, get to know Ryan — why he joined Harris Williams, what career advice he most values, and his views on working in the industry.

Why did you choose to join Harris Williams?

“When I first came to Harris Williams, I was drawn to the culture immediately. Everyone I spoke to during my interviews, whether an analyst or managing director, was solely focused on providing the absolute best outcome for our clients in an environment with unlimited professional growth opportunities and with colleagues who wanted to see everyone succeed.”

What’s the best piece of job advice you have ever received?

“Early in my career, a mentor told me ‘Do the work others aren’t willing or interested in doing themselves.’ I have provided the same advice to junior team members many times throughout the years.”

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

“There are two things that come to mind: First, it’s rewarding to see talented and cohesive management teams be rewarded for past efforts, as well as be motivated about future opportunities.  And second, it’s incredibly fulfilling to see the rapid professional and personal growth of younger and newer Harris Williams colleagues after they have been with the firm for a period of time.”

Tell me about the most interesting deal you have worked on. 

“There is no one deal that is the most interesting, which is why I am passionate about the work we do. Every transaction is unique and interesting in its own way, which is what makes our jobs so engaging.”

What kind of impact does the work you do have on the global economy? 

“Harris Williams works with strong, growth-focused companies that are looking for like-minded partners to help them grow to the next level. This often involves substantial further investment in people and capabilities, which obviously has an immediate impact on local economies and, ultimately on our global economy.”