For M&A investors, 2021 will be a year to remember. How will 2022 stack up? As we head into the new year, Harris Williams Industry Group Heads share their views on which trends will drive growth, key investor considerations, and the opportunities to be found in each of the industries we cover. We look forward to pursuing these opportunities in partnership with our clients in the months to come. 

How do you feel about M&A conditions heading into 2022 within your industry?

We’re very positive about our sector heading into 2022. It’s a dynamic market, with new growth in many areas across energy, power, and infrastructure. We’re also optimistic because of the success of the private equity asset class, which feeds ongoing deal volume, and strong investor interest in opportunities across the infrastructure value chain.

What should M&A investors keep top-of-mind in your industry this year?

Like many industry groups, we’re keeping a close eye on inflation and access to skilled labor, as well as the dynamics in traditional energy markets.

epi_quote-graphic_v1.pngName a few of the most significant trends that will drive growth in your industry in 2022.

The energy transition, particularly renewables and changing grid dynamics, is creating significant growth in the industry, and it’s a rapidly expanding subsector. It encompasses everything from renewables coming online to distributed energy on micro grids, small-scale solar, electric vehicles, and all the related infrastructure. Overall, the transition is an enormous opportunity for investors. Additionally, the telecommunications sector is seeing tremendous activity and PE interest given the growth in 5G and the need for reliable, high-speed connectivity for individuals and businesses.

epi_spitzer-white-graphic_v1.pngHow has your team delivered exceptional client service in this busy market?

We’re using the same recipe as usual: high touch and high communication. It helps that we’ve been able to grow our team, but the fundamentals haven’t really changed. If anything, the increased reliance on video calls versus in-person interactions plays to the strength of our long-term relationships. We’ve also continued to emphasize more targeted conversations, only engaging potential buyers that will be a great fit for our clients and that will have a good chance at prevailing. That saves everyone’s time in this busy environment. 

Describe the market in three words: 


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