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  • 340+ professionals across eight offices globally
  • 170+ closed transactions in the last 24 months
  • 10 industry groups


Technology, Media & Telecom (“TmT”) Group

  • 35 professionals across Boston, San Francisco, and London

Horizontal Focus Sectors

  • Compliance Technology
  • CRM and Member Management Software
  • Data & Analytics
  • Enterprise Software
  • Human Capital Management
  • Infrastructure & Security Software
  • IT& Tech Enabled Services
  • Managed Services, Hosting & Data Center Solutions
  • Online Marketing, Data & Research

Vertical Focus Sectors

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • eCommerce & Retail Software
  • Education Technology
  • Energy Technology
  • Facilities & Real Estate Technology
  • Financial Technology
  • Government Technology
  • Healthcare IT
  • Industrial & Supply Chain Software

Select Recent HW Technology Transactions

screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.34.43_pm.pngProvider of fully-integrated, SaaS-based operator qualification (OQ); drug and alcohol; safety and insurance; and training solutions across multiple end-markets




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.35.20_pm.pngProvider of cloud-based governance, risk, and compliance platform with horizontal applicability and established footprints in healthcare, life sciences, and higher education




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.35.50_pm.pngProvider of cloud-based, fully-integrated manufacturing software solutions that digitally transforms production operations, ensuring manufacturing is completed with a high degree of quality




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.36.22_pm.pngProvider of GRC SaaS solutions including credential management and payer enrollment services to healthcare facilities




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.38.41_pm.pngProvider of eLearning, workforce management, and compliance solutions to enterprises and professionals across financial services, healthcare, and real estate




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.39.15_pm.pngProvider of integrated software, data and analytics solutions to the global energy market including financial services, capital markets, and trading and risk professionals




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.40.19_pm.pngProvider of member management software and payment processing solutions for non-profit organizations, camps, and sports leagues




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.40.48_pm.pngProvider of youth sports management software and integrated payments solutions




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.41.21_pm.pngProvider of integrated SaaS, insurance, and payments solutions for residential and commercial property managers




screen_shot_2019-06-05_at_3.41.52_pm.pngProvider of integrated SaaS civic engagement and payment solutions for government entities

Case Study: Veriforce

HW’s TMT Group advised Veriforce, a portfolio company of Greenridge, on its acquisition by PEC, a portfolio company of Thoma Bravo.


Relevant Compliance Technology Sub-Sectors

  • GRC
  • EHSQ
  • Training and Learning Content

Company Overview

Veriforce is a leading provider of fully-integrated, SaaS-based operator qualification (OQ); drug and alcohol; safety and insurance; and training solutions across the upstream, midstream, utility, manufacturing, chemical and construction end-markets.

Veriforce serves over 200 hiring clients and 4,440 contractor firms, and has over 185,000 registered individuals on its platform. Veriforce’s solutions enable more efficient business processes and risk mitigation, and seamlessly integrates with customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and learning management systems (LMS), driving more efficient communication.

PEC is a leading risk-management company that provides a technology-enabled contractor management service for reporting and measuring contractor risk, safety and compliance information to operators. Veriforce greatly expands PEC’s OQ capabilities and customer reach to the midstream and utility markets. The combination of Veriforce and PEC bring together two well regarded and highly innovative companies.

Compliance Technology Focus Areas


  • GRC solutions manage the ever-increasing complexities and inherent risks that confront organizations today.
  • Business and regulatory complexity coupled with desire for more efficient risk management is driving demand for software-centric solutions.


  • EHSQ solutions are utilized to manage the aspects of business operations related to environmental impact, worker health and safety, and product quality.
  • EHSQ programs are in high demand to both mitigate operational risks and drive business process efficiency and transparency.

Recent Compliance Technology Transactions1


Sphera’s Acquisition of SiteHawk

  • SiteHawk provides products and services that are designed to deliver customers a comprehensive approach to chemical management through data, intelligence, and reporting to support safety, compliance, and risk management
  • The acquisition expands Sphera's cloud-based solutions and bolsters its position with manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, and chemical companies
  • ​Furthermore, the acquisition extends Sphera’s position in the product stewardship space and its cloud-based capabilities



Verisk Analytics Acquisition of SAP’s Content as a Service (CaaS) Business

  • SAP’s CaaS business unit includes its Environmental Health and Safety Regulatory Content (ERC) and Environmental Health and Safety Regulatory Documentation (ERD) teams and data assets
  • The acquisition significantly accelerates Verisk’s efforts to become the premier provider of integrated content, expertise, and services for the EHS and product compliance industry and expedites its growth strategy
  • Furthermore, the acquisition benefits customers by streamlining their access to critical regulatory data, improving consistency, and accelerating the development of newer and innovative products



Avetta’s Acquisition of Browz

  • BROWZ provides a comprehensive SaaS-based solution to prequalify, assess, and monitor supply chain compliance based on the unique needs of each client’s business
  • The acquisition further expands Avetta’s customer reach, and strengthens the connections between clients and suppliers, while streamlining and simplifying the engagement process
  • The combined entity provides customers with an expanded network of qualified suppliers, which helps to accelerate the sharing of compliance information enabling clients to perform work safer and faster



SAI Global’s Acquisition of BWise

  • BWise's platform provides organizations with proven software solutions for enterprise and operational risk management, internal control management, internal audit, compliance and information security programs
  • The acquisition elevates SAI Global's internal audit and regulatory compliance management software capabilities, accelerating its ongoing product innovation and commercial growth
  • With this acquisition and its August 2018 acquisition of Strategic BCP ResilienceONE, SAI Global significantly expands its risk management software portfolio



ACL Services’ Acquisition of Rsam

  • Rsam provides governance, risk, and compliance technology, which help businesses better manage their IT, vendor, security and enterprise risks.
  • The combination brings together ACL’s comprehensive and multi-faceted SaaS platform with Rsam’s dynamic flexibility, universal IT systems integration capability, and deep industry content
  • The acquisition of Rsam adds vendor risk, IT risk, and cyber security solutions to ACL’s audit, compliance, and fraud related solutions

Compliance Technology Evolving Paradigms

The GRC and EHSQ Software landscape is evolving to address the increasing demand for a comprehensive integrated risk management solution


  • Minimizing risk, maintaining data integrity, and adhering to regulatory reporting requirements drives businesses to find holistic and integrated solutions, preferably from a single vendor
  • Compliance is a daily requirement of businesses and the near constant communication between employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders requires solutions that are comprehensive and flexible in order to meet changing requirements

Integrated Risk Management Software Market Growth2


Blending Market Landscape

The market landscape is highly fragmented with companies addressing multiple business needs that cross over different product segments.

A comprehensive risk management solutions is increasingly a strategic imperative and catalyzing a convergence of technology, learning and content.

Integrated Risk Management


  • Controlling risk is a central theme, whether its regulatory, financial, personnel, environmental, or safety related; customers desire holistic solutions that can address all these.
  • Best-in-class technology solutions provide the platform on which to grow regardless of the size of that specific market.

GRC Technology - Landscape

Representative Providers


EHSQ Technology - Landscape

Representative Providers


Public Compliance Technology Companies


Public Comparables2

As of May 22, 2019 ($ in millions)​


Source: Factset, as of May 22, 2019

Compliance Technology – Transaction Activity

Select Recent M&A Transactions3


Select Recent Private Placements4screen_shot_2019-05-28_at_11.36.25_am.png

Note: Financial information presented above represents reported capital raised only.

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