The obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) sector is large, growing, and fragmented, and serves as the entry and referral point to a wide variety of other women’s health sectors. This $34 billion+ market benefits from several long-term demand and supply drivers, providing significant opportunities for M&A investors.i

In this market overview, Harris Williams shares key information about this compelling sector, including:

  • Market size, revenue per visit, segmentation by service, and key demand drivers
  • Four major trends shaping the future of the sector
  • Why M&A investors are interested in the space, and notable recent transactions
  • Our outlook on the most promising future opportunities for buyers

Market size based on extrapolations of total OB/GYN visits in 2015 and average cost of visit (NAMCS, Statista, MDSave, Doximity)