Global Utility Software Sector Review

The once predictable global utility sector is now facing an unprecedented degree of change. Across geographies, deregulation is encouraging new, more nimble competitors and putting pressure on margins. Sustainability is a key consumer priority around the world, leading to new business models and value propositions. More advanced analytics and digitalization are creating opportunities to become more efficient and retain—or win—today’s more demanding consumers. Yet tapping into those opportunities presents complexities of its own.

All of this puts the onus of innovation on tier-1 utility providers, who find themselves fighting to continue expanding internationally and maintain their market share against a host of tech-savvy challenger brands.

As discussed in this new report, third-party software is a powerful solution to these issues, unlocking the transformation required of utility providers to prevail in today’s more dynamic environment. Senior bankers from our Technology, Media & Telecom Group and Energy, Power & Infrastructure Group share key insights on this rapidly evolving space:

  • The top drivers of change and the issues they create for utility providers
  • Overview of software benefits and providers
  • Market map of the power and energy management technology landscape
  • Essential subsector data, including leading players, trading metrics, stock performance and comparables
  • Recent relevant M&A transactions

Access the report now for full details on the growth opportunities being created in the global utility software sector.

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Published October 2020