Investment Opportunities Within the Defense Maritime Sector, Episode 1


The defense maritime sector has arguably never been more relevant than it is today, creating a wealth of opportunities for companies in the space, as well as for M&A investors. Just as important, the sector’s multi-year build schedules and transparent government funding provide decades of visibility into demand and revenue, a rare attribute in today’s marketplace.

In the first segment of this two-part series, we discuss the key factors putting the defense maritime sector on the radar of more investors, including the shifting threat landscape and massive funding increases, an underinvested and fragmented supply base, and the accelerating pace of technological innovation.

Topics discussed:

  • Current state of the defense maritime industry today and historical comparison (1:12)
  • Overview of the industrial base over time (3:34)
  • Near-term outlook for the sector and the impact of external factors (5:20)
  • Fundamental shifts in the industry structure (8:26)
  • Potential headwinds in the defense maritime sector and how investors should view them (10:08)

Andrei Grskovic, Partner, Oliver Wyman
Mark Zabierek, Senior Manager, Fairmont Consulting Group

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