Investment Opportunities within the Maritime Sector, Episode 2


As we discussed in the first part of this series, the maritime sector has never been more important to national security than it is today. Factor in decades of underinvestment, a fragmented and capacity- constrained supply chain, and a deep commitment from Congress to fund innovation, and you have a prime environment for M&A investors.

In this second segment, senior bankers from Harris Williams and consultants from Oliver Wyman and Fairmont Consulting Group focus more sharply on what potential investors should know. The group covers the details on why investors like the space, who the major players are and the investment themes they are pursuing, which attributes set promising platforms apart, and the specific subsectors providing the most interesting investment opportunities.

Topics discussed:

  • Reasons investors are interested in the maritime sector (0:55)
  • Modernization efforts in the sector creating demand (4:21)
  • Attributes of the maritime sector relative to other defense sectors (5:03)
  • Supply chain considerations within the maritime sector (8:47)
  • Notable M&A transactions (10:08)
  • Company attributes of interest to investors (13:52)

Andrei Grskovic, Partner, Oliver Wyman
Mark Zabierek, Senior Manager, Fairmont Consulting Group