In the pharmaceutical industry, a paradigm shift is underway from high-volume, low-cost traditional drugs to lower-incidence specialty therapeutics. This trend is increasing pressure on pharma’s business model and revenue, while creating unique challenges for the clinical trial process. 

Due to smaller pools of trial candidates and rising drug complexity, clinical trials are becoming more difficult and expensive for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations to administer safely and efficiently. Meanwhile, the clinical trial pipeline is robust as ever with steady, significant R&D funding for specialty therapies. 

These tailwinds are driving adoption of software and technology solutions to help execute clinical trials cost-effectively and at scale. A new wave of platforms solving specific, novel pain points are entering the space, presenting a tremendous opportunity for investors to consolidate the market into comprehensive solutions across the entire trial workflow. 

In this new report, our senior bankers share key insights into clinical trial technology including: 

  • Growth drivers of the clinical trial ecosystem 
  • How new software tools solve clinical trial challenges 
  • The current market landscape and consolidation opportunities 
  • Why investor interest is accelerating in clinical trial technology 
  • Key differentiators of top-performing clinical trial tech assets 

Beyond clinical trial technology and other outsourced pharmaceutical services, the Harris Williams Healthcare & Life Sciences Group and Technology Group have experience in a wide range of high-value subsectors. 

Please contact our senior bankers to learn more. 

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