Select Harris Williams & Co. professionals recently attended Harvard Business School (HBS)’s 27th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference, a gathering at which women in various stages of their careers shared insights into navigating their professional and personal journeys. Each of the women who shared their stories – paths shaped by struggles and successes – left a profound impact on attendees. Notable among the speakers was Alison Wagonfeld, chief marketing officer for Google Cloud. Prior to joining Google Cloud, she was an operating partner at Emergence Capital, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm focused on enterprise cloud companies. Ms. Wagonfeld shared five pillars on which to build a successful career:

  1. Build deep relationships in all aspects of your life and career
  2. Take on high visibility, high risk projects
  3. Seek opportunities to help others
  4. Fuel your brain by embracing curiosity
  5. Practice makes progress

Diversity and inclusion are top-of-mind at Harris Williams & Co.

“At Harris Williams & Co., we aim for an inclusive environment that fosters empowerment for all employees,” said Sara Walker, recruiting manager at Harris Williams & Co. “The conference reminds us that promoting diversity across the organization not only benefits our culture but also directly translates to our success as a business. We look forward to considering themes from the HBS conference to inform content for our annual Women’s Leadership Summit.”

Harris Williams & Co.’s Women’s Leadership Summit invites undergraduate and MBA women to engage with professionals of all levels. The event includes special guest speakers, panel discussion, skill-building workshops, an interactive case study, and networking opportunities. For more information on last year's Women’s Leadership Summit, please click here. To learn more about the 2018 Summit, which will be held in November, please contact us