2018 Year-End

Key Insights: Our Top Content from 2018



The Aftermarket Takes Flight: Interest Grows in a Rapidly Changing Segment of the Aerospace Market

Businesses that are keeping the world's growing aerospace fleet in service are experiencing strong tailwinds.

Serial Success: Value Creation Across Multiple Private Equity Owners

What sets serial private equity success stories apart? Four key traits make the difference.

Three Factors Shaping M&A Strategy in the Global Pet Products Industry

The global pet products industry is attracting attention from major acquirers and investors. Three key trends are driving that interest.

Power Play: Finding Growth and Creating Scale in Energy Transmission and Distribution

Interest and investment in energy transmission and distribution are strong and growing. See what's driving that interest, and how to get involved.

Harris Williams Market Analysis: Global Health and Wellness

Powerful, long-term trends are supporting growth in the health and wellness segment. Find out which sub-segments hold the most promise in this report. 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The IIoT has captured the attention of private equity investors. See the three principles that can help investors make the most of this opportunity.

Deal Profile: Acquisition of Ryan Herco Flow Solutions Signals Keen Investor Interest in Specialty Distribution

Get an inside look at the Ryan Herco Flow Solutions sale, and what it means for M&A within the specialty distribution industry.

Long-Term Value: Capitalizing on Japanese Strategics’ Appetite for Acquisitions in the U.S. and Europe

There is substantial appetite among Japanese companies to acquire technology firms, especially in healthcare information technology (HCIT) and payment technology. Our bankers share effective approaches for tapping into that demand.

2018 Harris Williams Transportation & Logistics 3PL Conference

The third-party logistics (3PL) market is booming. At our inaugural Harris Williams 3PL Conference, leading executives discussed the technologies, business models, and players shaping this dynamic segment.